Why success does not always increase self -esteem

It seems that success and self -confidence are inextricably linked. But it is not always the case. Often low self -esteem becomes the reason that makes a person work on himself and achieve more and more goals. Psychotherapist Jamie Daniel says that it affects self -esteem.

Self -esteem and self -esteem problems do not necessarily become an obstacle to succeed. On the contrary, many successful people low self -esteem have given motivation for “conquering the peaks”.

It often seems to us that famous people do not suffer from low self -esteem. In fact, they suffer from this-or once suffered-many celebrities, successful businessmen, athletes and politicians. Looking at their success, huge income and glory, it is easy to think that you can achieve this only by being confident in yourself.

This is not necessary. Of course, these people are stubborn, hardworking and motivated. They possessed a sufficient mind, talent and the right skills to reach the peaks. But at the same time, many of them in the past tormented doubts, uncertainty, a sense of their own nullity. Many had a difficult childhood. Doubts and uncertainty played a significant role on their path to success.

Among the celebrities who know such experiences, Oprah Winfrey, John Lennon, Hillary Suonk, Russell Brand and Marilyn Monroe. Monroe often moved from place to place and lived in different families, and her parents suffered from mental problems. All this did not stop her from making a dizzying career as a model and actress.

5 myths about self -esteem, which helps uncertainly to achieve success

Self -esteem problems can serve as a powerful source of motivation. A person is constantly trying to prove that he is worth something. He is convinced that the value of the personality is determined by its achievements and, most likely, believes in five

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myths about self -esteem and a sense of own value. Here they are:

1. The right to self -esteem must be earned. Your value determines what you are doing, and you will have to work hard to earn the right to respect yourself. If you work little and you have few achievements, you have nothing to appreciate yourself.

2. Self -esteem depends on events in the outside world. Its source is good grades, diplomas, career growth, praise, recognition, awards, prestigious positions, etc.D. You are chasing achievements to quench the need for self -esteem.

3. We can respect and appreciate ourselves only if we are better than others. You constantly compete with others and strive to get ahead of them. It is difficult for you to enjoy other people’s successes, because you always need to be one step ahead.

4. The right to self -esteem must be proved constantly. When the joy of the last achievement begins to fade away, internal uncertainty returns. You need to constantly receive recognition in some form to prove your value. You endlessly chase success, because you are sure that in itself are not good enough.

5. To respect yourself, you need others to admire you. Love, approval, admiration for others give you a sense of their own value.